November 27, 2011

California takes the lead in wasting money, again

California continues its lead in thinking up new reasons to spend money it doesn't have to spend--transitional kindergarten. An excerpt from this article in The Sacramento Bee:

The law that changed the age requirement also called for a new grade level – transitional kindergarten, or TK.
The question of starting kindergartners later has been discussed and debated at the state Capitol for 25 years, said Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, at the transitional kindergarten summit held at a Sacramento Sheraton last Tuesday.
Simitian, author of the legislation that created TK, called it a "game changer" that would ultimately lead to better test scores, fewer children placed inappropriately into special education classes and fewer held back in school.
TK will focus on improving motor and social skills to prepare children for the academic rigors of kindergarten.
 Of course, California pushed for full-day kindergarten over twenty years ago, which helped to start a national trend. Again, full-day kindergarten was imperative back then-you guessed it-because it would lead to better test scores and fewer students being held back...

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